Chicago Metallic Brownie Bowls and Surprise Pan

Around these parts, which is mostly my house, I’m famous for my cornbread. Thus, I decided that instead of making desserts in the Brownie Bowls and the Surprise Pan from Chicago Metallic by Davison, I’d cater to my rebellious side and bake cornbread bowls for soup and cornbread muffins with a goat cheese surprise inside.

After congratulating myself on my genius and my stealthy efforts to stick it to sweets everywhere, I got to work.

Even though I’m a hard-core cornbread anarchist, I have great respect for my kitchen accoutrements. As directed, I hand-washed and dried both sets of pans, and baked the Brownie Bowls for several minutes to burn off the factory coating. Then I placed the muffin liners into each well and coated the mess out of the Brownie Bowls with cooking spray. The cornbread bowls popped out perfectly once they were baked and cool, so don’t skip that step, even if your inner problem child suggests you should.

When I was filling the muffin liners, I put the batter in first, then placed a medallion of goat cheese on the posts, and then covered the cheese with more batter. That’s contrary to what the directions suggested, but since the cornbread batter is so dense, I was concerned that it would push the goat cheese to the bottom rather than staying in the middle. It wasn’t at all because I have a problem with authority. The muffins also lifted out easily and the pan required minimal clean up.

Later, I got very punk rock and filled my cornbread bowl with tomato soup and a dollop of goat cheese. When my belly was full I took the muffins to some friends who looked hungry. They were grateful but also intimidated by my thuggish demeanor, especially when I told them not to bite into the cornbread muffins while they were still hot, because the goat cheese might burn their tongues. It’s tough to be such a baking gangster, y’all.


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