Super Bowl Essentials: Goat Cheese

This week a group of women who wine gathered to talk about the upcoming  fundraiser for Pet Rescue and test out an amazing variety of goat cheeses from Mont Chevre.

I wasn’t sure about the best wine to serve with goat cheese and so I went to a group of incredibly talented and knowledgeable wine writers for their suggestions.

But what does goat cheese have to do with the Super Bowl?

It was clear after our evening of testing out the variety of goat cheeses that no party would be complete, not even a Super Bowl party, without Mont Chevre Brie. It was the creamiest and tastiest brie that we had sampled in a long time. And this group consists of several cheese aficionados.

The second essential item was the Mont Chevre cheese crumbles. This was not only tasty all by itself or on a cracker, but a perfect add-on to a green salad or even a 5 bean salad. Take a simple green salad, add some cheese crumble and you are a party hostess superstar.

There are several other cheeses that make perfect party cheeses too. My personal favorite was the pepper and herb coated goat cheese.

One of the great things about the Mont Chevre products is that they are Party Ready! It seems like when party time rolls around the hostess is always dashing here and there taking care of last minute things. With the Mont Chevre cheese you just peel off the back, push the cheese out onto a plate, toss some bagel chips around it and WahLa! The plate is not only delicious but it looks nice and slightly elegant too.

With the brie, we just took off the outside wrap, placed it on a plate and heated it up in the microwave for a few seconds to make it even creamier. Place a cheese knife next to it and you’re set.

For this year’s Super Bowl we are setting the table with a green table cloth and adding white duct tape skinny lines across the table to represent the football field with the Ravens on one end and 49ers on the other. We are putting any food that represents Baltimore or the eastcoast on the Ravens side and the desserts on the 49er side since San Francisco is home to Ghiradelli.

This works out perfect since Mont Chevre is from Wisconsin and can go right in the middle of the table. And since the Super Bowl is being held in New Orleans you could set up the table East West North South with great food from around the country.

While the wine experts recommended pairing goat cheese with either Sauvignon Blanc or Champagne we had to make sure this would be a good match for the Super Bowl and so we did do a taste test with Bud Light and also gave this pairing a thumbs up.

This February 3rd mix it up a little and think about adding some Mont Chevre goat cheese to your Super Bowl line-up.

*The cheese for our evening of tasting was supplied by the wonderful people at Mont Chevre as part of a feature on Lifetime Television’s Balancing Act. The beer, wine, champagne, and crackers were supplied by the women who wine. Our opinions and taste buds are our own and we do take our brie very seriously.


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