“Mommy, you putting on your makeups?”

Heck yeah, I’m putting on my makeups, little dude. I’m in love with the Mica Eye Primer and Line Fix Gel Eyeliner so much that I have begun using it every time I wear eye makeup. The primer is genius because it helps keep the eyeliner and eye shadow in place. I personally am not a fan of the whole “eye makeup settling into the fine lines and under my eyes” look, so the primer makes me less worried about applying more shadow if I want (and I always want more eye shadow.)

The Mica Line Fix Gel Eyeliner, like most gel eyeliners, has a brush that allows for thinner or wider line application, depending on the look you are going for. I also love that the brush snaps into the top of the liner pot, keeping them together and the liner brush protected from the perils of my powdery makeup bag.

(Pro tip: shake out a bit of the powder into the lid to get the right amount without making a mess.)

I’m also a fan of the shimmer powder, which often ends up being used on my eyes and on cheekbones when I’m channeling my inner Ke$ha. It brightens up even the palest winter skin, and everyone needs a little shimmer while we’re waiting for spring’s sunshine.


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