Trip Tips for Flyers

I travel about 25 days a month. Yep, that equates to about 5 days at home each month. I know what you are thinking—WOW! That’s a lot of traveling. Well, you wouldn’t want somebody who never left home giving you tips on travel now, would you?

My favorite thing about airplane travel is letting someone else take care of things for a while. I know how to let other experts help me get where I need to go. Traveling is all about hurrying up just to wait around. You run through the airport to find your gate just to sit down and wait until they board the plane. It can be frustrating but if you are prepared, it can be a good experience.

Never Leave Home Without

I have a few never leave home without it items that I always have on hand when I travel.
1. My super smart phone.
I often ask myself how did I accomplish anything without this thing?! It is a must have for those on the fly schedule changes.
2. A good book.
I am talking about the old fashioned kind with pages and a cover; not a reader device because once onboard all electronic devices must be turned off for a portion of the flight.
3. A jewelry storage case that fits into my purse or carry on bag.
When I go through security checkpoints, I don’t wear excessive amounts of metal jewelry because it can set off the sensors. Instead, I put my bling in a storage case and carry it in my bag until I get on the plane. Then I put my bracelets, earrings, and such back on. And, remove hair accessories and papers or Kleenex in pockets which can set off the sensors.

Just in case

Pack a foldable duffle bag with a zippered top that can be checked through to your final destination just in case you have an object in your carry-on luggage that for some reason just can’t accompany you on the airplane. If security tells you that you have to go back to the ticket counter and check something with the airlines, this duffle bag is a great item to have on hand.

For my checked bags that I can’t take on board with me, I wrap any fragile antique objects in disposable diapers. The attached sticky tabs make wrapping easy. They provide cushioned protection for fragile items—a must if you are bringing gifts to loved ones.

I use small plastic containers or plastic sandwich storage bags to organize my face cream, makeup, toiletries, undergarments, and my nylon stocking so they don’t get torn or ripped on zippers inside my suitcase. You don’t want liquids, gels, or lotions exploding all over your clothes when your suitcase is tossed around by the airlines.

When it comes to traveling, think like the Boy Scouts and be prepared.

Award-winning TV personality, celebrity Ph.D. appraiser, author, and seasoned traveler, Dr. Lori headlines over 150 world-class events every year around the globe. Learn about her locales and travel tips at, or call (888) 431-1010.

Keep your jewelry in your purse to move through security checkpoints quickly.


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