Living a life full of heART

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
We must carry it with us or we find it not” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Handsome, hardworking, HAPPY.
Three words that come to mind when thinking of Ty Pennington. This is a man, a very good looking man, who builds dreams. Literally. Not only with his hands but with every fiber of his heart. He is a true artist in every sense of the word. His never-ending curiosity, paired with his desire to do good, has led him to change the lives of millions all over the world.

He is perhaps best know for his incredible work as the Emmy Award winning host of ABC’s Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. Ty’s television work demonstrates generosity, compassion and creativity. His focus, complete dedication and endless energy is poured into every project he lays his hands on. It can be seen and ,more importantly, it can be felt.
Ty has traveled the world gathering up ideas, experience and inspiration with his eyes, his camera (which never leaves his side) and his spirit.
When speaking with him it is easy to see the vision that he holds within his eyes. The same vision that later translates beautifully into his work.
He is special… and laughs heartily when you tell him so.

We had a chance to get down and dirty (let’s just say a lot of sand was involved!)  with Ty this past week at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival held in Miami… a place he knows well. Ty  partnered up with Sears (again) to help launch their 2013 outdoors collection inside the “Grilling is Happiness” lounge. Sears Is a leader in outdoor lifestyle trends and designs. They chose the beautiful sands of South Beach to unveil their latest collections that showcase how to bring beach, food and outdoor decor together.

Outdoor entertaining is a lifestyle not just a seasonal event and, as we expected, the outdoor living pieces are unique and g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!
Each piece more beautiful than the next, expertly designed with comfort, elegance and durability. Ty Pennington at his best, innovating and creating eye-catching, never seen before designs that light up any room.

“It’s all about the outdoors~and were here to say ‘light up your outdoors’ ” Pennington says. “People are enjoying friends and family and entertaining outdoors more and more, it’s become the extra room”
Whatever your style~ whether it’s sophisticated, contemporary or casual -Sears has something to match your budget.  Our favorite collection is the Bella Luna collection. It recreates the romance of moonlight with soft illumination. Yes, the furniture pieces light up. “You can control the mood…light up where your at” says Ty.  Never done before. This is showing off… in a new light!

This collaboration with Sears is only one of many projects he has his hands on.
To keep track of his adventures visit . Also look out for Ty continuing to change lives on his new show “American Journey” airing now on the  HLN Network  and for another exciting and inspiring project he’s beginning here in Florida.

We’re certain he never rests, never tires and looks great while doing it. So before leaving him we asked his (beauty) secret to it all. His advice is simple really,
“laugh more…it will takes years off your life.” Agreed.

Whether he’s building a dream house
or creating furniture for dreaming,
one thing is certain his heart is always in it.
So, go on TAKE A SEAT, relax and laugh a little~ Ty has you covered.

Changing lives through beauty, Mikaela & Georgio Fernandez


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