Get Dressed

I arrived home recently to three cases (yes, CASES) of Marie’s Salad Dressing upon my doorstep. Now I may not look like it, but I love a good salad. And when I have a salad, much like Elaine, I like a BIG SALAD. Boiled eggs, cucumbers, mandarin oranges, pecans, you name it, I like it in my salad.

Image courtesy of Tumblr

My case of Marie’s salad dressing included two of my favorites, creamy yogurt blue cheese and ranch, along with Marie’s newest blend, Lemon Herb Vinaigrette. It was a case of love at first bite. Heh. See what I did there?  I used the new flavor as a glaze for some snapper I baked over the weekend, and it was fantastic ! I simply added some dried Italian seasoning to it, brushed it on and grilled it in a foil packet. I can hardly wait to try it with asparagus, brussels sprouts and so many other things ! The creamy yogurt ranch and blue cheese are awesome as dippers, and I am so happy to have them around to accompany my stockpile of fresh veggies that I pretend are chocolate during late-night snack attacks. I also made a great artichoke dip the other day with the blue cheese dip, here’s my recipe if you’d like to try it ;


  • 1 cup Marie’s Super Blue Cheese Dressing
  • 15oz. artichoke hearts, in water, drained and chopped (I like to use seasoned ones)
  • 1/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese (fresh parmesan works best)
  • 8oz. Sour Cream
  • 2 scallions, chopped
  • pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients together, chill for an hour, serve with toast point, chips or cracked pepper crackers. You can also sprinkle shredded parmesan on top, and heat this dressing in the oven for about 30 minutes and it’s DIVINE.

Naturally I must tell you all about Marie’s before I get to the BEST PART OF MY POST, so here we go …

  • Marie’s Creamy Yogurt Dressing has half the fat and calories of regular salad dressing, yet has the same delicious homemade taste you’ve come to expect from Marie’s.
  • Marie’s Creamy Yogurt Dressing comes in 7 delicious varieties:  Blue Cheese, Feta Cheese, Ranch, Parmesan Caesar, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island, and Coleslaw.
  • Marie’s Creamy Yogurt Dressing is packed cold to lock in homemade flavor and freshness and can only be found in the refrigerated fresh produce section.
  • Marie’s uses no artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, or added MSG.  All Marie’s Refrigerated Dressing (with the exception of Sesame Ginger) are Gluten Free.
  • Marie’s refrigerated salad dressing is comparable in cost to the premium salad dressings you find in the grocery aisle.
  • It’s easy to use Marie’s Creamy Yogurt Dressing to create quick, tasty meals.  Try it to add flavor to sandwiches, wraps, meat, as well as veggies and leafy greens.

Marie’s NEW Lemon Herb Vinaigrette:

  • Our vinaigrette has a fresh and flavorful burst of lemon blended with herbs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • This is a great tasting marinade for chicken and fish.

Please check out their site for hundreds more recipe and usage ideas.



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