Layers for Luggage

There is a litany of packing and traveling tips that are sensible and helpful yet there is one tip that you must commit to memory. One of the easiest tips to remember is when it comes to luggage, don’t forget the layers.

Organization is key when you are traveling. Know where your stuff is and keep vital documents on your person. For instance, have your ID and travel documents handy and keep medication, keys, etc. in easy access. Wear easy to slip on and slip off shoes—flip flops are not recommended for airline travel just

When it comes to packing, prepare your luggage beforehand just like the pros do. Layer, layer, and layer and do it neatly too. In an effort to get through security in a flash, be sure to pack in layers. In your carry on, make an electronics sandwich. Clothes should be packed in layers, then a layer of electronics laid out neatly atop your clothes and then another layer of clothes.

Some of the items that may set off the security detectors include: mobile phones, coins, foil candy wrappers, keys, heavy jewelry, belt buckles, hair accessories like barrettes and hair bands, metal on clothing such as buttons, snaps, underwire bras.

Award-winning TV personality, celebrity Ph.D. appraiser, author, and seasoned traveler, Dr. Lori headlines over 150 world-class events every year around the globe. Learn about her travel tips at, or call (888) 431-1010.

A carry-on suit case is all you need for most trips if you learn to layer.


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