Rotten Through and Through

Contrary to common thought on the subject, cars are meant to be driven. People always say, “but I don’t drive it much”, as if that’s a good thing. It’s not a good thing. Most parts that make a car run need to be lubricated, for that to happen they need to run. This is the reason that oil needs to be changed frequently, so that the lubrication is happening cleanly. There are so many things that will suffer when a vehicle just sits over a long period of time.

–                    The battery can drain beyond repair.

–                    Boots and bushings will dry out.

–                    Brakes can seize up.

–                    Wiring can be eaten by vermin.

–                    Engine rings will expand and seize due to lack of oil.

–                    Seals will dry rot, including exterior seals like windows and doors.

–                    Transmission seals will dry out causing leaks.

Oh I can go on and on and a lot of these things are extreme cases but it gives you an idea of the process. If you don’t drive your car a lot go out and periodically start it up. Take if for a ride to the convenience store once in a while. But the worst thing you can do is just let it sit and sit and sit.


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