Gardens of Choices this Week

I was trying to think of something I could do this week to get people motivated to get outdoors. It’s that time of year when it is too cold to swim and too beautiful to stay inside. One of my go to places in really nice weather like this is naturally events. There is a never ending supply of those for sure. But are you aware that we also have attraction listings that we recommend? Attractions are defined by us as fixed site, static “things to do”. That could be museums, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, casinos, malls, etc. You get the idea. Most weeks I concentrate on event suggestions so this week I thought I would shake it up a little. You know, throw caution to the wind, go out on a limb, and take a chance, lol. I think that was a little dramatic, don’t you?

The point is that this week we are thinking outside the box and going with Gardens, Plantations and Estates, one of our most popular categories of attractions. These are wonderful places to spend some time in the nice weather. Almost every one has beautiful gardens that show plants and trees indigenous to that area. Many have outdoor areas for music and children’s gardens. Indoor estates as well as greenhouses are part of many of these garden experiences. The area of the country dictates the architecture of the buildings and the flora of the grounds. It is an excellent way to spend quality time with someone special.

I know that wherever you live there is some beautiful preserved historical estate or some public gardens. I know this because I live in an extremely rural area and we have both of those attractions. So take a look under attractions at the search box above and find out where you can go near you. If it rains, head to a museum, if you have children maybe head to a zoo or aquarium or if you just want to go to a place that all of your friends, grandchildren and next door neighbor can enjoy together,  head to a garden. It is an absolutely terrific way to be outdoors in remarkable splendor. Now what could be better than that as a way to spend some of your weekend!


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