At Home Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Provided by Tracy Vega, Co-Founder of Simple Self Defense for Women®

It’s summer time and the kids are out of school.  They are thrilled & you are worried! What will they do?  Who will watch them?  As a parent so many things come to mind when you have children. Let us help you with some at home summer safety tips.

Some of these tips will seem like common sense to us; but sometimes the kids need a gentle reminder.

1. Does your child know their name? Can they spell it & communicate it correctly with others?

2. Do they know their home address with the city, state & Zip code? Ask them once in a while, so you feel comfortable.

3. Do you have a home phone number? Do the kids know what it is including the area code? They should also know your cell phone number & a back-up number (maybe work).

4. If you have caller ID at home instruct them to look at it before they answer the phone & only answer if it’s on the “allowed” list.

5. Have a conversation & set rules about who can be at the house when you are not home.

6. Make sure they understand how the different door locks work if you have a deadbolt or chain lock etc…

7. Do the kids know how to call 911? Do they know when to use it?

8. Are you in an area that gets severe weather? Have you gone over your personal safety plan with them? Maybe you have a safe room?

9. When is it ok to answer the door? It’s better for the kids to ignore the doorbell if they are home alone.

10. What do your kids think a “bad guy” looks like? What would you tell them? “Bad guys” can even be someone they know. A bad guy can be anyone, even a woman.

11. Do you have a new sitter watching the kids? Listen to what they are saying and follow-up on any negative comments.

12. Have a safe & wonderful summer!

For more information about Simple Self Defense for Women® and their workshops, key-note speaking and DVD’s. Please visit

Remember, Safety Can Be Simple!


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