Tips to Explore Ice Cream


by Jessica Steinweg

Nothing says summertime like ice cream and enjoying a fun activity with family and friends. This season, here are a few ways to make the most of this delicious and frosty treat:

1. Don’t reach for that grocery shelf. If you live in an area where ice cream is locally made, take advantage. Not only will the ingredients be fresh – You may find that the selection is
creative and delicious.

2. Appearance counts. The color of the ice cream must be close to that of its base ingredient, for optimal flavor. And check for the presence of ice crystals: if present, it may
be a sign that the ice cream has been preserved poorly.


3. Know your personal taste. Did you know that all ice creams are broken down into two basic categories? There are those made with eggs and those made without. For example, the French style is a custard-based ice cream containing cooked eggs. Because of the egg, the taste is rich. The Philadelphia style is a non egg-based variety that is lighter in taste.


4. Nondairy option. Speaking of “personal taste”, are you trying to stay away from dairy altogether? Try experimenting with sorbet, as an alternative to “traditional” ice creams. Sorbet is typically made from water that is sweetened with fruit; and is completely nondairy. For best quality, sorbet should taste and feel almost like eating fresh fruit.

5. Take your time. Yes, there are occasions that merit eating your frozen treat at lightning-speed. For example, the summertime ritual of racing to finish a melting ice cream cone before it drips down your arm. When given the opportunity, savor your ice cream. Eat it at a lusciously slow pace. This tactic will give your palate a chance to warm back up and fully experience its essence, while preventing another summertime tradition: brain-freezes.


(Image Credits: NewAmsterDamMarket via Flickr)


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