Beach Bunny


GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN in ITSY-BITSY,TEENY-WEENY, BIKINIS was the theme at the Beach Bunny swim show this week in Miami.

Capturing the Brazilian cut, the California lifestyle and appealing to glamorous girls across the globe who just want to have fun, former swimsuit model turned designer Angela Chittenden leads the swimwear industry with her cutting edge styles and innovative designs.


Known for creating media frenzy on the runway, with design collaborations by the Kardashian sisters and Kate Upton, Beach Bunny turned heads yet again this season with its latest obsession: Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny.

Models wearing barely there bikinis in bold colors and sexy silhouettes, walked down the runway, showcasing a whopping 58 looks. Everything from paint splashed prints, unexpected embellishments & hoodies to gold hardware, studs and zippers.

Top it off with extra long ponytails, fishtail braids, large hoop earrings and every accessory under the sun;  and you have a show that keeps your eyes engaged.





To view the complete show, click here.


Lisa C Styles



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