Back-To-School Safety Tips for Kids

Weren’t we just grilling in the back yard; and now school supplies are back on the shelves? Pretty soon, we are going to receive that letter about meeting the teachers? I just can’t believe that the kids are heading back to school already! At least while they are in school there is that small sigh of relief knowing that, for the most, part they are safe. It’s getting to and from that always makes me a little nervous. I know we will turn on the news and there is going to be a story somewhere in the country about an attempted child abduction or a creepy person lurking in a panel van. We are always extra cautious at the beginning of the year & with the little ones when they start out but as the year goes by maybe we don’t pay as much attention as we once did. Here are some simple reminders and tips, to keep your kids safe:

1.    Will your child be walking or riding a bike to school this year?

  • Make the trip with a couple of times so you are both comfortable with the route. This gives you an idea what time they should arrive A.M. & P.M.
  • If they have a cell phone ask them to call/text when they leave & arrive both ways.

2.     Time how long it takes for them to travel each way, walking or riding.

3.    If there is another child in the neighborhood going to the same school, try to                          arrange for them to travel together. There is safety in numbers.

4.    Point out “safe places” for them along the way (if there are any) in case of an                       emergency.

5.    Will your children be riding the bus this year?

  • Make sure they are familiar with the bus number. It’s better to miss a bus & remain at school with adults that can help instead of taking the wrong one & nobody knows where you are.

6.    Wait in a group at the bus stop.

  • Don’t ever leave the group to walk up to a car that approaches.

7.    Never allow your child to “ride” with anyone unless they are on your “safe list”.

  • A safe list tells your child the ONLY people they should ever go with if it’s not you.

8.    Communicate! If your child is expressing concern or feeling uncomfortable find out           why & take action.
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Tracy & Charley Vega, Co-Founders- Simple Self Defense for Women®


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