How To: Pack a Diaper Pack!

Packing the diaper pack with all of the proper essentials is imperative for an enjoyable and comfortable day out with baby! Whether you are going to the park, running errands or meeting up with a friend, you will need a few essential items in your diaper pack to ensure you can keep going no matter what life, or baby, throws at you!

Step 1: Picking the Pack

You will need to pick a diaper pack that will hold all of baby’s essentials. Look for a pack that suits your personal style with all of the potential to be super organized like DaddyScrubs popular Daddy Diaper Pack – specifically designed to keep dad organized and on-the-go.

Step 2: Start with the basics, food.

You will need bottles with formula or pumped breast milk depending on the age and needs of your baby. If your baby is on formula, remember to measure out the proper amount and place it into a small-portion container. Fill the bottle with water ahead of time! If your baby is a little older, you should pack some small baby snacks, a jar of baby food, a spoon and a sippy cup with water, juice or whatever your special little one loves to sip on.

Step 3: Always a staple, diapers!

The number of diapers needed depends on many factors. A good rule-of-thumb for infants is to expect to change a diaper every hour. Figure out where you are going, how long you expect to be out, and pack a diaper per hour. Then add in a few extras because you truly never know what will happen, and I know you will be happy to have the extra diaper or two when the time comes.

Step 4: Extremely necessary essentials!

Some of the most important items are sometimes the easiest items to forget. You will need baby wipes and baby powder to help ease your diaper changing duties. Don’t forget to pack a Disposable Diaper Changing Pad. When you realize that your baby needs a fresh diaper, and fast, you will be able to easily get the job done with these necessary essentials.

Step 5: Extra, Extra: it’s all about the layers.

Always bring a spare change of cloths as well as layering pieces incase a lovely day at the park turns windy, rainy or snowy. You, as a daddy, will need to be prepared for all situations. Hats are important in many instances whether that be to keep the sun out of their eyes or to keep their little heads warm.

Step 6: Stay Healthy!

You should have some first aid items and basic health items in your diaper pack at all times. Babies get sunburnt really easily; don’t forget the daddy’s natural sunblock! Also, things like hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, baby tylonel, benedryl, teething gel, as well as any other creams or specific items baby might need throughout the day.

Step 7: Entertainment is the name of the game…

It is important to bring things to entertain your fussy baby in-between events and activities. Just think toys and pacifiers! Teething toys, small books, and other miscellaneous favorites are great go-to entertainers.

Step 8: Don’t Forget the Small Stuff!

Bibs and burp cloths are daddy’s best friend; your stylish duds, and baby’s, will stay super clean. Even mom will be impressed! Plastic bags and Baggies can often come in handy, and are a definite diaper bag accessory. Whether you need a place to stick some wet clothes, a dirty diaper or a grubby burping cloth, plastic bags and Baggies are a sure commodity.

Step 9: Don’t Forget About Yourself

It is easy to forget about the necessary items needed for our own, personal sanity. Pack a snack for yourself, so you can stay energized all day long. It can be difficult to keep up with baby. A camera is also a good staple; you never want to miss a moment! Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself while feeling completely confident that you have a perfectly packed diaper bag.

Step 10: What if?

Of course we shouldn’t dwell on the what-ifs in life, but it is important to consider them and be prepared for the unlikely situations. Keep a set of emergency contacts in your diaper pack. You can write them all out and stick them in a convenient place. That way, whether you need to quickly place a call to your baby’s doctor or someone else needs to be aware of a sudden trouble, you will be prepared.

Keep your diaper pack packed and be ready for anything at a moment’s notice. When the sun comes out unexpectedly, you will want to be ready to grab baby, your diaper pack and head to the park, or the beach or wherever. Trust me, you do not want to waste all of the day’s sunlight trying to frantically pack up only to rush out the door and forget one of the most important items! Follow these ten steps, and you will be ready to go, always.

Happy parenting!

Daddy Nickell

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