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It’s not just the trick or treating that makes Halloween fun for me, it’s also my birthday! My husband is one of the few men that can say he’s married to a real witch and get away with it!  As a child, I spent my birthdays trick-or-treating & as an adult walking with the kids as they went door-to-door. The number one rule for us was only going to houses that had their lights on. Well, times have definitely changed & I want to share some safety tips that you may have not thought about.

1. When picking a costume with a mask check the following:

  • Can you easily see out of it?
  • Can it be quickly removed?
  • Is it well ventilated for easy breathing?

2. Does your costume have a bottom?

  • Is it easy to walk in?
  • If it’s an adult costume, can you drive in it?

3. Before you head out knocking on doors take time to check the national sex offender registry  for your neighborhood.

  • Most local city & county agencies have this information available.
  • Avoid these homes
  • If you know a home is registered to a sex offender & they have lights on and decorations out, report them to local authorities immediately!

4.   Parents, always carry a flashlight & pepper spray with you.

5.   If kids are uncomfortable going to a house because it looks too spooky, walk up with them.

6.   Never enter anyone’s home to accept candy even if it’s just for a minute. Always wait outside.

7.   Respect peoples personal space and don’t let anyone within your personal space.

  • Just because it’s Halloween, it doesn’t mean it’s OK to walk up to just anyone.
  • If you are uncomfortable be sure to keep your distance or ask that person to step back.

8.   Be mindful/respectful of what time it is.

  • If it’s 10:00 pm & the trick-or-treaters are long gone, don’t open your door to a random knock.

9.   ALWAYS walk in groups or pairs. It’s never safe to walk alone.

10.   Check all candy/items, before eating them.

  • Only eat factory-wrapped candy.
  • If a piece of candy looks questionable, throw it away!

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The safety tips in this article and many others can be found on our Simple Self Defense for Women DVD.  Please visit our website www.simpleselfdefenseforwomen.com for more details.

Tracy Vega, Co-Founder- Simple Self Defense for Women


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