5 Black Friday / Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Black Friday

Can you believe it – Halloween is already over and the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. I laugh now, looking back… My dad always had a backache the day after Thanksgiving; and now I know why. He didn’t want make the drive, fight the crowds, carry the packages and handle the kids while my mom shopped! The one thing that hasn’t changed is that men still don’t like to go shopping. What has changed is how dangerous it can actually be, if you aren’t aware of your surroundings.

Here are 5 simple safety tips to help make your holiday shopping experience a safe one!

1. Tell someone where you plan to shop & about what time you should be home.

2. Since holiday hours now start in the wee hours of the morning & go very late into the night be sure  to park under a light and as close to the entrance as possible.

3. Carry your pepper spray in your hand when you are walking to & from the car!

4. Minimize the amount of items you carry in your purse during the holidays.

  • Only carry one credit card & a minimal amount of cash.
  • Leave all the extra pictures & personal items at home.
  • Always put your purse inside the car & lock the door (keep out your keys) before you start loading the car. NEVER leave it sitting out in the cart.
  • If someone tries to steal your purse, LET IT GO!! It’s not worth your life!

5. Are you carrying more packages than you can manage? Can you barely see over the top of your cart?

  • Make multiple trips to your car if you are shopping at a mall or strip center. You don’t want to have so many packages in your arms that you have to lean them against the car or leave them in the cart where someone can walk  by and grab them.
  • Put all items in your trunk or cover under your hatch. Don’t leave anything visible to the public.

The safety tips in this article and many others can be found on our Simple Self Defense for Women DVD. Please visit our website www.simpleselfdefenseforwomen.com for more details.

Tracy Vega, Co-Founder- Simple Self Defense for Women


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