Travel, Eat, Shop

cooking with antiques

By Lori Verderame 

Can’t keep track of all of your digital photos? Do you want to neatly organize photo files and share them with others? Want to share images from your family vacation, school play, soccer game, or special event with friends and relatives at home? Don’t want to spend hours at your computer sending out email after email with photo attachments?

Don’t let grandma miss out on sharing those special moments… make a photo book! If you haven’t tried making your own photo book, it is easy, good looking, and fun.

I work a lot on the road presenting my popular antiques appraisal show. So, when I am not on the road hosting my antiques appraisal events at more than 100 venues worldwide or taping a TV show for Discovery channel, I like to be at home in my kitchen cooking or enjoying my kitchen collectibles. Since I don’t have children and usually take pictures of objects as often as I do people, I didn’t know if a photo book would be something that I would use or enjoy. Boy, was I wrong about that.

When I took a look on my computer, my home server, my cell phone, and my digital camera, I realized that I had a load of photos! I wasn’t using them. I wasn’t enjoying them and reminiscing over them. They were just taking up space. The photo book was a great way to get those photos into my everyday life.

I have so many pictures from my travels, from my antiques appraisal events where people bring me their objects to review, and of special objects and souvenirs that I have collected from my travels over the years, that I thought I would highlight them in book form. With my photo book, I can now share my antiques knowledge and cooking expertise with everybody. Once my photos were in a handy book form, the photos meant something more to me. They reminded me of my travels, sparked memories of my time collecting objects or reminiscing with family over aging treasures, and they were all in a neat format.

I used to make my photo book featuring some of my favorite recipes and highlighted the cookbook with information, tips, and little known facts from my background in antiques and collecting.

I went to the website and followed the directions. Easy. I chose a theme. Easy. I selected the number of pages that my book would be which correlated to the cost of my final photo book. Easy. I downloaded some photos from my computer, cell phone, and digital camera. Easy. I designed the pages of my book one by one. Easy. I added text and some graphics. Easy. I moved some elements around so the overall book looked good to me. Easy. I ordered my book using the order form and online help feature. Easy. I had a question and got help online from their support staff. Easy. I got my book shipped to me. Easy. Guess what the experience was? Easy!

Was it fast? No. It was a project. And projects—like a craft project of any kind—take time. I enjoyed the time I spent making the photo book. I have a somewhat impatient personality but I was surprised because I did not get frustrated by long load times or those silly glitches that occur with some online photo book websites. When it comes to user expectation, I think’s picture book maker worked well. I didn’t run into any surprises. I knew what would happen when I clicked on a graphic or moved a photo within the book format. And, the best thing was that I could always “Undo” something without the fear of losing my work or being stuck with something that I didn’t really want. When I wanted to take a break from the project and make a cup of coffee, I just hit “save” and came back to it later. No problem.

It took me about 2 hours to make my 20 page photo book but I think my book took longer than most books because I choose to include a good amount of text. Writing takes longer than just selecting photos. I think that my 2 hours is longer than the time it would take to make a traditional photo book that most people make using mainly photos. If you are making a straightforward photo book consisting of mainly family vacation photos and some short captions, it shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to 1 hour from start to finish. I would think that making a themed photo book featuring pictures from a family vacation or baby’s first holiday would take about 1 hour with time to spare. And, after you are thrilled with your photo book, you can order additional copies by logging into your account and clicking on My Projects. You can then choose the icon to add your photo book to your shopping cart. Then you can order as many copies of your photo book as you want.

My book arrived in a nice package to protect it during shipping which I appreciated and it looked very good when I saw the end result. The binding was strong, the endpapers nicely produced, and the photos and text looked just as I expected it would. My book, Cooking with Antiques, is a project that I have been working on for quite some time so it was great to see the actual real thing in print!

When it comes to my work as an antiques appraiser, I know that many of my clients can use the photo book to keep track of their collections, share cool items with others, and from a more serious note, document their personal belongings. I can use it to help my appraisal clients identify their valuables too.

I would most definitely take part in another photo book project or maybe I will try my hand at making a calendar using I hope you give it a try too. Visit and select Photo Book from the main menu. After that, it’s all about you!

Dr. Lori’s Cooking with Antiques book.

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