Free or Not Free

david truck

I write, mostly, about what it means to get the most from your mechanic; but this isn’t a one way street.  You have a play a role and be a good customer as well.

Case in point:

We were fixing another classic truck that had many issues.  I called the customer and gave her a price; but explained it doesn’t include one of the issues – the lack of heat.  She approved the repair; so we went ahead with the job.  After we got the vehicle running, we addressed the “lack of heat issue” and we diagnosed it as a fairly simple heater hose repair, for a total of $43.  I called her and explained that “it’s a minor repair and can fix it for the $43.”  She replied with a long-winded account of how she’s already approved the amount and she can’t have the bill keep going up…blah, blah, blah.  I let her go on for awhile and finally I said, “Look, it’s basically $43 for heat.  Do you want heat for $43 or not?”.  After hemming and hawing, her answer was,  “Um, yes.” $43 for heat back in your car would be a good deal to most people.  Apparently, not her.

A little appreciation for finding a simple, inexpensive, fix would have been a nice simple “thank you.”  Don’t go on and on and on.  Work WITH your mechanic – not against them.  It’s best to have a good relationship that can benefit you over the long haul.

There are many small things that need repair on this particular vehicle (not the beautiful truck pictured above); and my guys already did a few of them (gratis).  After her behavior, I wasn’t feeling very generous though.

Keep your emotions in check if you can.



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