8 Things Women Should Know About Public Restroom Safety

Public Restroom

Ladies, how many public restrooms do you think you’ve visited since you were a little girl? For me, I would have to say it’s been thousands! Patiently, we stand with our arms (and legs) crossed waiting for our turn and hoping that when we finally get there that the stall door will lock. (If we are really lucky, there might be even be a little square left for us to use.) This is usually the case when we are in high traffic areas or busy venues.

Occasionally, we will find ourselves faced with a walk down a long hall to a restroom where there is nobody waiting in line and 10-25 stalls to choose from. Seems like a dream come true right? I guess it could be… You get to pick whatever stall you want, and there is plenty of toilet paper (providing you can manage that spare tire roll they call toilet paper).

The disadvantage to this very empty restroom is your personal safety. Here are 8 tips to keep you safe.

1. Walk with your pepper spray in your hand.

2. If possible try to use a “family stall.”

  • Usually this is a standalone restroom.
  • They are located just outside the entrance of the large row of stalls.
  • They have a full size locking door so nobody else can enter.

3. If the family stall is unavailable, use the cleanest stall closest to the main entrance.

4. Always glance under the door first to see if the stall is already occupied.

5. Push it the door open & look inside before you enter.

6. Make sure the door to your stall moves freely; there are no gaps & the door securely locks.

7. If the purse hook is located high on the back of the stall door, consider keeping your purse on your shoulder instead. You don’t want someone reaching over to steal it.

8. If you are in an extreme remote location listen for others that might enter the restroom while you are in the stall.

  • Does it sound like another woman?
  • Is she with someone?
  • Did she go into a stall?

This is a safety 101 reminder…  Always try to walk in pairs, let someone know where you are going, and most importantly –Trust Your Instincts!

The safety tips in this article and many others can be found on our Simple Self Defense for Women DVD. Please visit www.simpleselfdefenseforwomen.com for more details.

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