Hank Baskett: Our Family Will Be Complete

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Kendra On Top star Hank Baskett is “honored and blessed” to host the 1st Annual Every Thing For Dads Convention on March 15 in Sarasota, Florida. The convention will be the launch of a long-term grassroots movement designed to raise awareness of the increasing need for dads to be involved in parenting and for their role to respected and recognized in the parenting process.

The proud papa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about happy family life with wife Kendra Wilkinson and their 4-year-old “LEGO fanatic” son Little Hank. The former NFL star, 31, chats about possible baby names for their daughter on-the-way, his “old school” relationship with Kendra, and their “complete” family once baby No. 2 arrives.


CBS: You are co-hosting the first annual Every Thing for Dads Convention in March. Tell us about the event.

HB: “I’m extremely honored and blessed to host the first ever Every Thing for Dads Convention in March. You look at all the dads out there in the world and I was speechless when I found out I get to host the first one. When I told my dad, he reacted the same way.

My definition of success whenever I die is going to be based on how I was described as a husband and a father. I live my life for my family, my son, and soon-to-be-born daughter. It’s an honor, because this type of award is not one you can just buy. The opportunity to host this is not something you can pay for; it’s earning the respect of your fellow fathers and peers. It’s in my eyes, it’s probably one of the most prestigious awards that I’ve ever been given.”


CBS: How did you get involved in the Every Thing for Dads Foundation?

HB: “They reached out to me. When they told me about the Every Thing for Dad Foundation, I was like, ‘Wow!’ First, how did they find me? Second, what caused them to look me up? And third, why me?”


CBS: How has fatherhood changed you?

HB: “First off, I get to be a kid again. I get to live vicariously through Hank. We’re building LEGOs left and right right now. I was a LEGO fanatic when I was a kid. When you have a child, it makes you appreciate the little things every day. You see things as your child is developing, especially at a younger age, that you don’t remember when you were a kid.

It gives me a feeling of joy that little Hank is learning how to kick, learning how to throw, learning how to build, and has awe in his eyes every day he does something good. It gives me so much joy whenever Kendra and I are there to share it with him. When he says to you, ‘Look papa at what I built!’ and when you see how proud he is, it makes you realize that as adults, people put too much emphasis on everything we have to do during the day.”


CBS: You and Kendra are expecting a girl this year. Congratulations! How has this pregnancy been for you and Kendra?

HB: “It’s been amazing. This was a little harder for her but also a little bit easier. During the first pregnancy, I was still in the NFL and we were traveling across the country nonstop. Having her house and building her camp in one spot has been amazing. It’s so much easier for the both of us and there’s so much that gets taken out of the decision from the first pregnancy.

Kendra is having a little pain that’s associated with a second pregnancy, as the baby is sitting lower and things like that. Overall, it’s been a blessing and it is great that Hank is old enough to understand that he’s going to have a baby sister and he gets to help and be involved. It’s just amazing to incorporate him as much as possible.”


CBS: Is Little Hank excited to become a big brother? How did he react to the news?

HB: “At first, he said, ‘Ok, I’m having a brother or sister.’ He was excited. Now, he’s really excited because we ask him what things he likes and what he wants to do with his baby sister. I also get to raise him now the way my father raised me — to always take care of your mom and take care of your sister. He is so excited to be a big brother and he knows he gets to help protect this little sister.”


CBS: Do you think you’ll be a different kind of dad with your daughter?

HB: “Oh, I told Kendra that all the loving and hugs I give her are going to be cut in half, because my little girl is going to have me wrapped around her little finger and I know it [laughs].”


CBS: What are you looking forward to most in having a daughter?

HB: “I would say being a complete family. We have a son and we will also have a daughter. We know we’re done after that and we won’t have to wonder. If we had another boy, we might wonder, what if we had a little girl? I am also looking forward to the joy of accepting the challenge of learning how to take care of a little girl.”


CBS: Do you have any names picked out for your baby girl?

HB: “We’re all over the place. We’ve thrown out names like Jayden, Taylor, Addison, and Ashton. It’s been all over the place and we’re trying to narrow it down, but you know little things happen while we research baby names and whatnot.

We want to raise a little tomboy but we want her to be our little princess on the other side. Jayden is one of the first names we thought of, and we thought of that awhile back.”


CBS: What is Little Hank into these days? Could you tell us about his personality and hobbies?

HB: “Oh, he’s such a sweet kid. This little kid just makes your heart melt like butter. He says, ‘Hey Daddy, I picked a rose out front. I’m going to give you and my baby sister a flower every day.’ This made Kendra say, ‘Awe, you’re sweeter than your dad.’ Which made me say, ‘No, dad has been teaching him right [laughs].’ He loves to build and loves LEGOs. He creates these magnetic shapes and I’m so impressed that every day he can build bigger and better. It makes me think, ‘Wow! We have a little architect on our hands.’”


CBS: What does he do to make you laugh?

HB: “It’s just his personality. He jokes around and likes to play games. He likes to hide under things and we pretend we can’t see him. We get so much joy from his laugh afterwards. He’s like, ‘How fun!’ I’m loving it. The best thing that makes me so happy is when I put him to bed, or when I drop him off at school and he says, ‘Papa, you’re cool,’ or, ‘Papa, you’re my best friend.’ I’m like, ‘That’s my guy!’”


CBS: Does he like football like his dad?

HB: “He likes all sports and he just started his first soccer practice. He is also trying to dribble a basketball around. I’m very, very impressed at how good he is. We have a little athlete on our hands! He can also throw a football now.”


CBS: How has your relationship with Kendra has evolved over the years? Have you fallen more in love with her during the pregnancy and motherhood?

HB: “Any man who looks at his wife when she is pregnant understands that it’s the most beautiful feeling. You don’t know how many times she is going to get pregnant, it might just be once. I appreciate the nine months that she was pregnant. She could be going through pain, but I just love looking at her because that’s when you really look at a woman and say, ‘You have really given me everything.’ When a woman gives you a child, she is truly giving you everything. I just grow more and more in love with her over the years. To this day, I fall in love over and over because she keeps me on my toes and I never know what to expect from her.”


CBS: You and Kendra seem like a solid couple. What is the secret to your success?

HB: “Communication. If we have something on our minds, we don’t hold back from sharing it.”


CBS: What do you think is the downfall to most high-profile relationships?

HB: “Kendra and I are old school, and I’m not saying others aren’t. We got married for the right reasons. We’re not about fame, who makes the most money, or this or that. No, it’s about seeing what we can do that is best for our family. That’s what both of us see. We’re not about buying things. We’re about family trips and family activities and things like that.”


CBS: What is up next for you?

HB: “Right now, my foundation partnered with a company called Gaems. We are making the first-ever portable gaming environment, and with that we will do gaming events. In New York, we did a direct play for helping sick children in hospitals.

I also have my charity golf event, the Hank Baskett Classic, coming up on May fourth and fifth down at Trump National in Rancho Palos Verdes. This will be its third year. I’m going to also do a bike ride with some veterans in Dallas in March. I’m just trying to be all over the place.

At my gym, we also had another draft class. I lead a game. I’m hoping to have another top-five draft pick again this year and hopefully have a guy who could potentially run the fastest combined time ever and break the record. I’m just trying to do it all.”


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