Julie Moran: “Our Kids Need Us More The Older They Get”



Julie Moran has returned for another season of Mission Makeover, airing on Lifetime Television. The former Entertainment Tonight host is there every step of the way to support the journey of six women who are ready to fight for the health and wellness changes they need to make in their lives.

The 13-week special series – sponsored by South Beach Diet and Sports Authority – airs on Mondays at 7:30am (ET/PT). The finale and big reveal airs on Monday, May 19th. Viewers can join the women from home via the website where they can start their own journey, view behind-the-scenes action, watch the women’s personal video diaries, and find motivational tips, advice and weekly recipes. Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with Julie to chat about the series.

CBS: How are your girls adjusting to you being back at work?  What have you done to make the transition easier for them?

JM: I have been able to carve out my TV shooting schedule to 5 days a month. I leave on Sunday night and return Friday night one week a month. The girls miss me, but the older they get I can tell they are empowered by seeing me live my dream as a journalist. They always know they come first over any assignment. O2 Media is a Fabulous place to work because they honor my priority of being a mom and help me work around my family’s schedule. I was able to coach my 9-year-old daughter’s city basketball team and missed one game the entire season.

CBS: Finding balance in our life can be a struggle.  Between work, kids and being involved in our communities, it’s hard to avoid burn out.  What advice would you give busy Moms to keep reasonable boundaries in their lives?

JM: My motto has always been “You can have it all”, just not all at the same time! When I am on my once a week date night with my husband I don’t take calls from the kids or work unless it is an emergency. That is our time. When I am with my kids I do not take calls form work or look at my iPhone or work on the computer. When I am at work, I concentrate on work period!

CBS: Obesity is a growing concern in our society. How do you hope season three Mission Makeover will inspire viewers who struggle with their weight?

JM: Mission Makeover is a show about making yourself over from the inside out. Shows like The Biggest Loser scare me. When someone loses 155 pounds in 7 month! How can that be healthy. Unlike The Biggest Loser our contestants are not sent away to  a camp. They have to makeover their lives in their own homes around their spouses partners and children.

CBS: Weight loss is a journey that is more attainable when the entire family is supportive.  How much impact will incorporating family activities into the contestants’ daily routines make on their success rate?

JM: Some of the revealing and moving parts of our show are the video diaries our contestants keep. I also love to see the family’s involvement with each contestant. Children are the biggest cheerleaders and such strong motivators in seeing a parent want to get healthy and live a better life.

CBS: Many people attribute “dieting” to starvation and fad diets.  To lose weight and keep it off, there has to be a lifestyle change.  The new tag line in the health industry is “fit is the new sexy.”  How will Mission Makeover help women redefine what beauty is for them?

JM: I have always tried to to make my daughters be aware that beauty come in all shapes and sizes. Skinny is not necessarily beautiful to them, but healthy is beautiful to them, talent is beautiful to them.

CBS: Has doing this show changed the way you think about or approach being healthy? What are you teaching your daughters about health, fitness and body image?

JM:  I have always tried to to make my daughters be aware that beauty come in all shapes and sizes. Skinny is not necessarily beautiful to them, but healthy is beautiful to them, talent is beautiful to them.

CBS: Is the family meal important in your household?  Or do you find other ways to carve out a bit of family time every day?

JM: I would say that the family meal is the single most important ritual in our household. We try very hard to sit down together for dinner every night during the school week and every Sunday night. I keeps us centered, it keeps us boned, and it keeps us in tune. When we were moving this year form Los Angeles to Atlanta this year the first few months were quite hectic. both of my daughters approached me separately to tell me we need to focus on getting our family dinner back on a regular basis. I am so glad they called me out on that!!!

CBS: What are some things the entire family enjoys doing together?

JM: We love taking road trips together! this New Years we drove 15 hours to Key West. could we have flown…Yes…but we would never laughed as hard or had more fun. We took our time stopped and spent the night where ever looked appealing and they both learned to play their Christmas presents( 2 ukulele) on the way down and back. It was much more fun on the way back…they could actually play songs in tune.

CBS: Your oldest daughter is now 14?  What’s it like to parent a teenage daughter?  Any advice you can share?

JM: .Having a teenage daughter is a blessing. She teaches me more about myself than anyone in my Life. She challenges me, because I need to know all the reasons being my No’s and my Yes’s. I think our kids need us more the older they get… not less.

CBS: There’s a 5 year age difference between your two girls.  Do they get along well?  Are they close?

JM: Having 2 daughters 5 years apart has also been a blessing. They can’t share clothes or boyfriends!!!

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