Tamera Mowry-Housley: “I’ve Learned To Trust My Mother Instincts”


By: CelebrityBabyScoop

Sister, Sister star Tamera Mowry-Housley attended the charitable Race to Erase MS event that helped to spread awareness of MS and raise money for the cause. The mom-of-one, to son Aden, 1, says “having fun in a selfless way” was a major highlight of the event.

Tamera chats with Celebrity Baby Scoop about her experience at Race to Erase MS, her greatest fashion icons, and how she’s “been very blessed with a happy baby.” She goes on to discuss whether there are any plans for another baby, her 80/20 rule for losing the baby weight, and how she is “really excited to do The Real” in September.

CBS: You recently attended the Race to Erase MS event. What was the event all about? What was the highlight of the event?

TMH: “Basically, it was a charity event that helped to spread awareness of MS. We’ve gone so far in finding ways to help cope with the disease. It was a huge auction to help raise money for the cause.

The highlight was being around people who love to help and take time out of their day to do something great. At the same time, you get to dress up and have fun. You’re having fun in a selfless way.”

CBS: You truly wowed the room with the cranberry Christian Dior dress and natural curls! What was the inspiration behind the look? Who are your greatest fashion icons?

TMH: “Honestly, I wanted to be comfortable. That day, I was a little bit bloated and I wanted to be in a dress that I was comfortable in. I didn’t want to be in a skin-tight outfit…I wanted to be in an outfit that I could move around in. Also, when people go to cocktail events, they always wear black, so I wanted to wear colors.

In regard to my greatest fashion icons, definitely Audrey Hepburn. I think her birthday was recently too. I absolutely love her, because all of her pieces were very classic. It didn’t matter what time or era it was– if you looked at her clothes, you would think to yourself, ‘I would wear that today.’ She was a woman who personified class—class and elegance. I also love Diane von Furstenberg and Stella McCartney. All of these women just have so much class.”

CBS: How is your son, Aden, doing? Has he reached any exciting milestones that you would like to share?

TMH: “Aden is fantastic! What he is loving now is saying ‘no.’ But he says other things too, like ‘Mama.’ He says ‘Daddy’ too, which is interesting, because he doesn’t say ‘Mommy’ or ‘Dad.’ Isn’t that interesting? If he says ‘Daddy,’ you would think that he would say ‘Mommy,’ but he calls me ‘Mama.’ He says ‘no,’ ‘go,’ and ‘yay,’ so he’s talking a lot. He’s also connecting words now. The other day, he said, ‘Let’s go, but kind of.’ So it’s not just one word; he’s trying to form sentences.

He really is the love of my life and he’s a very smart kid. He knows what he wants and when he wants it. Not only that, do you know what I really love about Aden? He loves the idea of family, because he loves being around Mommy and Daddy. If it is just me by myself, yes, he loves me and has fun. However, the moment his dad comes home and we’re together, his eyes light up. If we’re in the car and he knows mommy and daddy are in the car, he’s just the happiest baby. We’ve been very blessed with a happy baby. He’s always laughing, smiling, and giggling, which is a blessing.”

CBS: How does this second year of motherhood compare to the first year?

TMH: “I’m much more relaxed because during the first year, you’re trying to figure everything out. The second year, you’re okay and of course before you get used to one thing, they’re on to the next. You have to get used to another rhythm and another milestone. The thing is, I am a lot more confident in myself and in my mother instincts. I’ve learned to trust my mother instincts.”

CBS: Are there any plans for baby no. 2?

TMH: “Absolutely! I can’t wait. The timing has to be right, and, ultimately, I am not the one—I am but I am not—in charge of that. If I could have a baby very soon, we would be very happy.”

CBS: You recently debuted your post-baby bikini body for InTouch and looked fantastic! What are your best tips for new moms trying to lose the baby weight?  

TMH: “Honestly, if you want to lose the weight, I’ve learned that there is no easy formula. You basically have to work hard, work out, and eat right. Eating right is 80% of the battle, and that’s what I’ve learned. You could work out until you’re just exhausted, but if you’re not eating right, then the weight is not going to come off. Eating clean really did it for me. For example, if I wanted to have bread. I would eat gluten free bread. If I wanted to have a cracker, I would eat gluten free crackers. I actually love gluten free bread now. It’s also about trying to stay away from sugar and salt.

However, don’t limit yourself too much. I believe in the 80/20 rule, meaning 80% of the time, eat very clean and healthy. Twenty percent of the time, allow yourself to eat whatever you want.”

CBS: What plans do you have for the summer?

TMH: “I plan on staying up north with my family in Napa. I absolutely love it up there in the summer. I like just being in our house, by the pool, and enjoying the scenery the sun, and, of course, the wine.” [laughs]

CBS: Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

TMH: “Yes! I can’t really say anything yet, because it is not 100% closed. I will be doing a couple of things, but you know how it is, you can’t really say anything until they give you the ‘okay.’ The one thing I can talk about is that I am really excited to do The Real. That will be coming up in September, and we have a start date of September 15th. I just can’t wait to sit down with my girls and have girl chat. I am really excited!”


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