I Love Muffins… I Just Don’t Want to Look Like One

The Balancing Act

I have always been in awe of the celebrities out in Hollywood who have a baby, and then emerge from their home about a month or so later looking like they were never pregnant at all. Here I am, about 14 years since I popped out my last kid, and I am STILL carrying around the extra baby weight. Of course, after 14 years, you really can’t call it “baby weight” anymore. You simply call it fat.

So, I had been carrying those few extra pounds around for quite some time and failed to notice that over the holidays I had added on a few more extra pounds. And a couple more after that. How is it possible that I could not notice ten more pounds on top of the extra ten, er, fifteen, I was already toting behind me?

The problem was the jeans.

It used to be that…

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