Air Conditioning Troubles


I’ve had to go back to my mechanic three times, now, to fix my AC. What gives? He keeps telling me a different story…is he just robbing me?


Well ,of course he might just be robbing you. (No question about that.) BUT…AC failure can be very difficult to diagnose. The Freon (not really called that anymore – but I still do) is a gas and can leak out of countless places. You can fix one spot only to have it leak out of another, and possibly from a spot that can’t be seen. You can spend over $1,000 dollars on new compressors, driers and accumulators, only to find that a hose is now leaking or you need a new condenser too.

It’s endless with AC.  Just ask a lot of questions and make any mechanic show you exactly what he’s doing…and make sure he’s not charging you over and over for the Freon.

I have a policy when I’m doing a job for someone: They get charged once for Freon in any given summer. If the new Freon leaks out and a customer has already paid me for one fill-up, then the follow fill-ups are on me. Also please note that your mechanic should be saving and recycling the old Freon.

Good luck, stay cool!


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