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Southern Women's Show Recap: Meeting SEAN LOWE!

Whew! Where do I begin!? I had a BLAST this weekend at the Southern Women’s Show as a blogger for The Balancing Act.
Let’s just say this happened:
But let’s first rewind, and I’ll tell you all about it.
Friday, Marcia, Libby and I headed to the Southern Women’s Show at the Agricenter.
Premise coral blazer
Calvin Klein top
Earl Jeggings
Target pumps
LV Speedy
We were greeted by someone from the Balancing Act, a sponsor of the show, and given a tour of the SWS.  The Balancing Act is a morning show on Lifetime that focuses on Balancing family, work, and a healthy lifestyle and empowering women. Right up my alley. Let me just say that we were treated like VIPs! She was so kind and hospitable and we really enjoyed our time wither her. She had goody bags and snacks and drinks for us and made sure we were completely taken care of. Anyway, after touring various parts of the show, we walked around and shopped for a bit and had a delicious lunch.
Around 1:45, we went back up to meet our contact with the Balancing Act and head to the Question and Answer session with none other than Sean Lowe from the Bachelor. (Yes, I’m obsessed with the Bachelor.  Judge away. That and Law & Order: SVU are my shows). We were taken to our reserved seats which were RIGHT by the stage.
We waited for a few minutes and then the whole place erupted as Sean was led to the stage.
Oh, hello there!
Sean did a short Question and Answer session that began with, “Will you take your shirt off?” I mean, really? Some people shock me.
Then we rushed to another part of the building where he was going to be doing a Meet and Greet. We were fortunate to be about the 10th party in line to meet him. Watching the people in front of us, we strategized how were were going to pose for our pictures (this was important, people! You only had a second or two to position yourselves once you were up there, and they wouldn’t let you stand behind the table, so you had to shimmy on to the table next to him. Plus we had to fit all three of us in a picture with him! We had to be prepared.). While watching others, we decided what we were going to do, but we noticed no one was really talking to Sean. They were just using him as a prop.
So, then it was our turn.
Me: “Hey, Sean!”
Sean: “Well, hey!”
Me: “We contemplated wearing our wedding dresses today, but we decided against it.” (Note: If you don’t watch the Bachelor, one of the girls showed up on the first night of this season wearing a wedding dress.)
Sean: ::Dying with laughter::
Libby: “Yeah, we tweeted a picture to you of all of us in our wedding dresses so you would know what you were missing out on.”
True story. Here’s the pic.
Sean: ::More laughter:: “Are you serious? How did I miss that? Please send that to me again tonight on Instagram. My name is SeanLoweKSU”
All of us in unison: “Sure thing!”
Meanwhile, we had positioned ourselves so that someone would snap quick pic, and then we were ushered away.
So cool. And Sean is just as dreamy and nice in person as he is on TV.
Moving on…
I headed back to the Southern Women’s Show Saturday with my mom for a live taping of the Balancing Act.
Not sure why it’s blurry…
Antonio Melani boots
Michael Kors bag
We headed to the Balancing Act stage and were in the live audience for taping a couple of segments. It was very cool!
All in all, an amazing weekend, and thanks to the Balancing Act for letting me be a part of it!