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This SAHM (stay at home mommy) of four, ages 10, 7, 5, and 3 moved from California to Connecticut over the Winter of 2008. After suffering from SEVERE cabin fever and reading an article on Yahoo about “MOMMY BLOGGING”, she hopped into action, creating “THE ONE BORED MOMMY BLOGSPOT”.

Since then, the One Bored Mommy Blogspot has not only been a place for mommies & daddies (and even Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles) to come learn about the newest products & must haves for the family, but it’s also become a community on Facebook (CLICK HERE) and a great place to go enter awesome giveaways, find discounts for your favorite stores and so much more!

Courtney Hutson has also enjoyed a little t.v. time in the past year, being a part of a segment on The Nate Berkus Show (with Dr. Oz) and on the Dr. Oz Show as well. She’s very excited to be a part of “THE BALANCING ACT” community, as every day for her is “A BALANCING ACT” in itself.

My NEW Favorite Baking "MUST HAVE"…

I love to bake! Cakes, cookies, cupcakes and basically anything sweet…always tickles my taste buds!  Okay, my kids love that mommy loves to bake too!  And I have to admit…I don’t mind eating what I bake too!  Especially if it turns out GREAT!
So I was super excited to receive this Chicago Metallic Dessert Bar Pan, because I knew I could put this to VERY GOOD use in this home!
So, I found a simple “white cake” recipe, got to mixing, added some chocolate chips…and put them in the pan to bake.  As you know, you learn from experience…so next time I won’t fill them up as full (because they did bake into each other a bit), but I was very impressed with how well the little cakes baked.
Not only that…but they were super easy to get out (a couple of them did stick…I should have probably let them cool a little more) and the clean up was as quick as a little soap, a quick rinse and wipe!  SERIOUSLY!!  It couldn’t get much simpler or easier than that.
Not to mention that everyone has their own “dessert”, without any cutting or mess or fuss!  SCORE!!  I can already see “snack bars” for the kids to take to school, brownies and even mini meatloaf meals.  I LOVE THIS!!  LOVE IT!

Pamper Your SORE and TIRED Tootsies!

I’ve told you guys…just recently…that my feet have become severely uncomfortable in my favorite stilettos now (insert sad face here)…thanks to my “being barefoot” or “wearing only flip flops” habit.  It’s horrible to even wear them for an hour at church…my feet are just screaming for relief!

Do you ever have the problem with your feet?
Are your feet desperate for relief?

I received a product I am excited to tell you about…that not only offers my feet a soothing spa like treatment…but they are pretty cute when you wear them too!
TheraPED can be work HOT or COLD (cold is awesome in the hot summer months) and they really do revitalize my sore and tired feet.  They stretch my toes, offer a refreshing coolness and the spaces (in between the toes) realign my toes…from the narrow cramping of my heels.
They are easy to put on…in fact, my oldest daughter loved wearing them too (pretty sure the zebra print may have lured her in).  But we both LOVED THEM!!

I highly recommend you check out this product, if you suffer “HEEL FEET” (sore, tired, cramped toes, feet crying out for relief)!

Got Kids? Want To Eat Out More Often? CHECK THIS OUT!

Having four kids means that, sometimes, eating out can be a rather EXPENSIVE endeavor.  Especially since they are getting older and wanting MORE to eat!  I know that the teenage years are just going to drain our pockets!
Here’s a website for you…PARENTS!!

I just thought this might be a resource each and every one of you could benefit from!  Even if you’re a Grandparent or Aunt/Uncle…you can save when you take those little ones out to eat!

This Movie Was One Of My Favorites…

Most little girls dream of that LIFE CHANGING moment, when their daddy walks them gracefully down aisle to beautiful music, all eyes turn to admire & smile at her beauty and she locks eyes & hearts with the man she’s going to spend the rest of her life with!

No wonder “Father of the Bride” was such a hit when it came out!  I have watched this movie more times than I can probably count!  It was definitely one of my favorites!  Steve Martin was the perfect actor to play the “father”!  His way of portraying all that the father goes through, both emotionally and financially, when having a wedding for his daughter…was just PERFECT & though humored…pretty gosh darn true to life!
I never got that “Picture Perfect” movie wedding…where my daddy got to “walk me down the aisle of a church”, where all the eyes turned to me and we celebrated with a huge party, with all our friends and family afterwards…but I was still the daughter on February 8, 2002…to “The Father Of the Bride”.  And regardless the fact that the financial impact was far less severe (since our ceremony was at the Justice of the Peace) and our reception took place at my parents house with a few friends and a cake my sister made for us…I know my dad was still feeling a lot like Steve Martin on that day!  He was giving away his daughter!  Entrusting her to another man…who would be her partner through life!  Happy and heart broken all at the same time!
One day, my husband will be recreating this movie again…TWICE, when he is the “Father of the Bride” to our two girls.  Regardless their ceremonial situations (though I pray it will be the day they dream of as little girls)…he’ll take on the role of Steve Martin and have to give his daughters away…to the man they choose to marry!  The man that will join lives with our daughters and be their FOREVER!


I call it…”offering an incentive”, though other’s may call it bribery!  Ha! Regardless what you call it…it seems to be working in this house, and I am so glad that it is!!
Our issue? All of our kids (minus the oldest…unless he has a horribly bad dream), love to climb into our bed at night and eventually kick me out of bed (because we have run out of room) or knee, elbow or lay on us!  It’s become a really big issue…at least for me (because I am such a light sleeper)!  I NEED SLEEP! I need to be able to sleep in my bed all night long!
So, I initiated “MISSION STAY IN BED” to see if I could encourage the kids (through some $ incentive) to stay in bed all night long.
Amazingly enough…the first night…we had three of the four kids stay in their own beds all night long.  The youngest daughter complained of a “belly ache”, and even after explaining she would loose her incentive…she decided to crawl into our bed!
But the second and third night (last nighthave been a huge success! The little guy has the best reaction in the morning about it!  He wants a high five for making it through the night!  His face lights up when he hears how proud I am that he DID IT and stayed in his bed!  He wants to talk about how he even gets up in the middle of the night to potty, and goes back into his room instead of coming into ours!  SUPER DUPER proud of himself!  LOVE IT!
So…it’s working!  This first phase is a two week trial period!
Maybe you’re a family with a similiar issue?

Perhaps you can find some way to encourage your children through an incentive program…to help “turn things around”.  I can’t tell you how much I need the past two nights (FULL NIGHT’S) sleep!  I am feeling so much more refreshed!  PRAISE THE LORD!!

"Sol Bliss" = Taste Bud "Bliss"! Get Ready To Stock Your Freezer Full Of These!

Summer is coming!  It’s coming fast!

What does that mean?  It will soon be time to enjoy FRESH & Frozen beverages!  There’s nothing like soaking up some sun (I know it’s bad for your skin), sitting on the edge of a pool and slurping a delicious & sweet FROZEN beverage or smoothie!  YUMMY!

I was just introduced to a company that makes creating & enjoying these types of frozen beverages super simple, healthy and delicious!

Sol Bliss takes fruit at their freshest, ripest and sweetest state and purees them!  Then they freeze them, so they are already perfectly ready to be created into your PERFECT smoothie or frozen drink this summer!

What a great product idea!  What a great company for doing it!

SERIOUSLY…they are so naturally delicious (I received some samples to try, free of charge, for this review/feature)!  You can’t go wrong with purely perfect fruit that is frozen and ALL NATURAL.  I could seriously take a straw, poke it through and suck on just the package (straight up) and enjoy it that way…(yes, I am truly tempted to do that) or to also create a frozen treat by adding some other fruits, some ice, some milk, etc.  YUMMERS!

I am also excited to try to use some of these purees in baked recipes too (like muffins or pancakes)…which will be hearty, healthy and a great option for my family to enjoy for quick breakfasts on the go!
Double YUMMY!

Tell me this doesn’t sound absolutely delicious:

Mango Smoothie
1 Sol Bliss Mango
1 small ripe banana
4 oz of not from concentrate OJ

YUMMY!  I love mangoes!  This is so refreshing and absolutely delicious!  It solves my need for something sweet and gives me a fruit serving in a tasty treat!

Make sure to catch Sol Bliss on “THE BALANCING ACT” show (LIFETIME NETWORK) on March 19 and April 2nd.

The Final Review – My Remington iLight Pro Review And Wrap Up!

As you know, I’ve been (over the past 6 weeks) reviewing the Remington iLight Pro Light Hair Removal System for “The Balancing Act”!


For my third application of the iLight Pro, I turned it ALL THE WAY UP!  Yes, I even smelt that “BURNT HAIR” smell.  I think I took care of the rest of the folicles that were still producing hair!

I am so excited!  6 months of being “HAIR FREE” in my armpits is like a dream come true!  Especially since summer is coming and that’s obviously a daily necessity…that I will no longer have to worry about!


I hope this doesn’t bother anyone, but I promised a picture of my armpit…so have a look!  You can actually see the folicles where there is no hair growing out!  I truly believe I took care of the rest…last night with my final application!  If I missed a few, I take care o them in a few weeks too!