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Michele McGraw (@scrappinmichele) is a 43-year-old, work-at-home mother of four children (ages 6 through 14). She is married to her husband Jason, whom she met on AOL 17 years ago and they live in Northern Virginia. For the last 14+ years, Michele has been helping women find support online for their digital hobbies and healthy lifestyles. Michele is CEO of Mom Geek Media and creator of, a blog offering daily commentary, advice, reviews, and shared experiences of how her real life and the digital domain connect. She hosts a weekly MomTV online show, Digital Soul Hour. She has worked on social media campaigns with many companies, such as AMD, Yahoo, Whrrl, EA SPORTS, OfficeMax, and Phillips. She enjoys digital scrapbooking, reading, running, and spending time with her family at the beach.

6 Online Tools to Track Your New Year's Resolutions

A new year means a new beginning. The perfect time to set goals and plan how you will achieve those goals. I’ve never liked the word resolution, I prefer intentions. But no matter what you call it, without a good plan and a way to track it, success is unlikely.

Below are 6 free tools to help you reach your goals. Some of the goals are specific to a particular type of goal and some can be used with any goal.

1. 42 Goals offers both free and premium accounts and is a very simple goal tracking website. Put your goals in and you can visually track how well you are doing with any goal you want.

2. Joe’s Goals is another very simple tracking tool. Set up your goals and put check marks each day you complete your goal. There is a logbook if you want to track more detailed information.

3. SparkPeople is a free comprehensive site to help you reach your weight loss goals. You can track your diet, exercise, water, weight, inches lost and set up a very detailed plan for all of your goals (weight loss or not.) SparkPeople also has an iPhone app so you can track while on the go.

4. Dailymile is an excellent website for tracking your fitness goals and in particular tracking your daily miles whether they are running or walking. There is a mobile version, but no app for dailymile.

5. is an excellent tool for setting up budgets and tracking everything you spend. also has an iPhone app so you do not have to wait until you get home to add your purchases.

6. is a resource from the Washingtong State Department of Health. It provides many tools to help you quit smoking. The site will help you create a quitting plan and gives you the tools to help you be successful.

These tools will aid you in planning and tracking, but you will still need to dig deep and find the willpower to stick to it. Good Luck!

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Cyberbullying From a Child's Perspective

This past summer I attended several functions about cyberbullying and it got me thinking about whether my kids know what cyberbullying is and what to do if it happens to them. I decided to interview all four of my kids separately.

What is a Cyberbully?

  • 14 yrÊ – People who bully you on the internet or online, calling you names.
  • 11 yr – Bullying done online, spreading lies.
  • 7 yr – I don’t know what cyber means, but bully is picking on someone.
  • 6 yr – I don’t know, but I know a bully is someone who is mean to someone. Continue reading Cyberbullying From a Child's Perspective

Scraps of my Geek Life

Now that most phones have video and picture capabilities, more people are taking video than ever before. You can purchase a good quality pocket HD video camcorder or camera for less than $200. But what do you do with all those videos and pictures? There are several online services that let you create fun short videos for free. You can add both pictures and video to create masterpieces. Continue reading Scraps of my Geek Life