My Mommy Valentine – Top 10 Things You Can Do With Your Kids This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year.  And since kids don’t go to school on Sunday, we’ve compiled some fun ideas that will help you and your family celebrate all day long!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  1. Valentine’s Day outfit! Start the day off by picking red, pink and white themed outfits.  Why not get a plain white tee and decorate it with fabric paint and ribbons?  Have the whole family dress in that theme and make it a fashion show!
  2. Heart shaped breakfast.  Try making a batch of pancakes and French toast, even frozen waffles and cut them into hearts!  Top it off with liberal amounts of powdered sugar and a strawberry breakfast smoothie! 
  3. Make Valentine’s Day cards with your kids.  Make homemade Valentine’s Day cards for classmates as well as everyone in the family…Who doesn’t love a homemade sentiment?  You can even get your creative juices flowing and start making rhymes with the names of the recipient.
  4. Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt.  Use the drugstore Valentine’s Day cards to write clues and hide them around your house or around the neighborhood!  Start them off with the first clue with little “I love you” messages leading to the next clue (i.e. “This is a place where you wash your face and clean your little teeth!”).  The last clue can lead to a goody bag!
  5. Goody Bags.  What kids activity is complete without one?  Fill them with Valentine’s notes, stickers and candy!
  6. Valentine’s Day Crafts! The night before, set aside a basket filled with construction paper, crayons, ribbons, glue and glitter…everything you need for crafting! Make prints of family pictures and loved ones and incorporate them too!  You can find TONS of printables online also.  Decorate your house with your masterpieces or send them to relatives!
  7. Bake Off!  Holidays are synonymous with baked goods.  Make it fun for your family by stocking up on cake mixes, icing and sprinkles (Valentine’s themed of course)!  You can even make your own chef’s hats and aprons!
  8. Make it a movie night.  Rent Love themed (Rated G) movies to wind down! Disney movies are always a classic :o)
  9. Valentine’s Day themed dinner!  Think homemade pizza with pepperoni shaped in a heart, Valentine’s day cutlery and strawberry milkshakes!
  10. Storytime!  Valentine’s Day theme appropriate of course.  If not at the end of the day, many venues host Valentine’s storytime readings.  Look online and find one in your neighborhood!

  ♥ ♥ ♥

Remember, use this as a day to delve into the often confusing emotions of love your children are facing or will face.  So embrace it and sprinkle your day with “I Love You” and lots of hugs to encourage a healthy display of emotion!


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