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Appraised Of

A customer’s car was hit by a vehicle. She did the right thing, by calling in the claim; but one  thing she did wrong was NOT to have the appraiser come here to my garage to have it appraised. Instead, she took it to one of their drive-in quickie appraisal shops. BIG MISTAKE.

Later, she arrived here with the estimate in hand. When I perused it, I couldn’t believe how small an amount it was written up for. I told her before we do anything, she better call the insurance company and tell them she wanted it reappraised; or, at the very least, they should call me.

This morning the actual appraiser himself called me. I told him there were numerous things missing from the appraisal ;and boy was I surprised when he was honest with me, uttering the words, “Yeah I know, my boss likes me to write it up like that.”

HUH? Your boss likes to write it up for way less than it should be, to save money; so it will cost the customer money out of her own pocket?


Usually, the insurance companies are spot-on with the assessments. Even generous, in some cases. I believe, that’s because we are basically watching over them.

Hopefully this isn’t a new trend and won’t be happening all the time; but make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Take your car to the mechanic/auto body shop you trust and have the appraiser go THERE. This is no different then anything else that needs an expert to oversee it.

Don’t get shorted (or wrenched)!

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Q&A: Proper Automotive Maintanence



I have a very simple question. How often should I have things checked out on my car, i.e. brakes, hoses, belts, etc.

Thanks, Jack



That may be a simple question but it’s certainly an important one. I always recommend finding a good local mechanic to work on your car and included in that, your oil changes. Every few thousand miles when you have your oil changed is the perfect time to have other things checked out.  This is why I don’t recommend those quick change oil establishments (this and a few other reasons like they don’t hire real mechanics and I’ve seen them really damage a few engines). If you have a mechanic you can trust you can mention that you’d like these items checked when you go in for those oil changes (if they’re at all honest they won’t try to replace things that don’t need changing), they also shouldn’t charge anything to check.

Prevention is the best medicine and it’s true in car repair as well.

Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com